Congresso Nacional, BrasiliaCasa de vidro, Sao PauloSao PauloSESC Pompei, Sao PauloSao PauloRio de JaneiroRio de JaneiroCasa Canoas

Ouro PretoOuro PretoOuro Preto

- brasil

Durazno, UruguayEladio Dieste, MontevideoEladio Dieste, Atlantida

- uruguay

Buenos AiresAbandoned house, Buenos Airesnight lovers, Buenos Airesnight fruit, Buenos Airescafe floor, Buenos Airesla chacarita, Buenos AiresLiniers mercado, Buenos Aires

- argentina

casa Prieto Lopez, Mexico CityZocale, Mexico Citycasa Gilardi, Mexico CityTacos at the market, Mexico CityMexico boatsCasa Barragan, Mexico City

- mexico

Louis Kahn, AhmedabadNew DelhiLouis Kahn, Ahmedabad

- india

stairs storagestairs storagestairs storage

Fassnacht Basel Munsterkirche Basel

- switzerland

Fields in MierloTerschellinger wadTerschellinger wadBuckminster Fuller, EindhovenSmalle Haven, Eindhoven

- netherlands


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